Long lasting co-operation between Ahtletics federations of Belarus and Lithuania inspired separate regions to search for common opportunities to implement joint projects. Public institution „Sportbalt“ signed a co-operation for 5 year period contract with Grodno overall Head of administration in March, 2011. Step by step, after organising small but significant projects, we decided to convert the co-operation into a running feast: Marathon of Friendship „Grodno-Druskininkai 2011“.

This idea appeared in Autum of 2010 while leader of Public institution „Sportbalt“ was communicating with Georgij Katulin (general secretary of National Olympic committe of Belarus), Oleg Andreichik (Vice-head of Administration of Grodno overall for Sports and tourism) and Andrej Boisha (coach). Friendship marathon is a promising view into sports, which unites people, brings nearer nations and opens the borders. Thanks to various institutions in both countries, this project will take place on 20th August this year, at 12.00 p.m. in Grodno city (Belarus). The route will spread in woods in both countries. 80% of the route will be in Belarus and the rest – in Lithuania. This kind of marathon will be the first one in whole Europe!

We think, that thanks to this project, we will expand the geography of international marathons, strengthen sports and cultural relations between neighboring countries and European Union and also give a chance to all fans of running to compete each other. Thanks to the event we hope to reveal new talents, to improve sports mastery of Belarus and Lithuania‘s runners.



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