Information for participation in the IX International Friendship Marathon "Grodno-Druskininkai"

Welcome dear participants of Friendship Marathon "Grodno-Druskininkai 2019"

In the Friendship Marathon can participate without the visa to Belarus, which simplifies the processing of documents for entry and participation in the marathon.

In Belarus visas for foreigners from 77 countries of the world were canceled during a visit the city of Grodno and the Grodno region for a period of 1 to 5 days.

For registration visa-free entry the marathon participants need to contact our partner tourist operator «VIVA Travel», write by email -, not later, than 48 hours before the planned arrival to participate in the marathon (tel: + 375 29 672 82 71; + 375 152 72 02 30) . Also they need to send a copy of the passport pages with a photo to the tour operator, to note the date of the planned visit (12 or 13 July – 14 July 2019) to participate in the IX International Friendship Marathon "Grodno-Druskininkai 2019", provide your contact information for feedback.  The tour operator will send you an electronic document (pass, voucher), which need to print for presentation to the border guard at the entrance to the Republic of Belarus.

When visa-free entry into the Republic of Belarus, a foreign citizen must show at the border crossing checkpoint:

1. a valid document for traveling abroad (passport);
2. Pass, voucher (free document for travel without a visa);
3. money for personal needs: for each day of your stay have an amount of about 22 euros.
4. insurance policy.
5. A migration card is issued at the border.

Attention: if a migration card is lost, a fine is imposed.

Foreign citizens without visas can come to Belarus, to the city of Grodno, only when crossing the state border of the Republic of Belarus with the Republic of Poland and the Republic of Lithuania - at checkpoints:

Lesnaya (Rudavka)
Bruzgi (Kuznitsa Belostotskaya),
Privalka (Svyandubre),
Привалка (Райгардас),
railway station of Grodno,
checkpoint «Airport «Grodno».

LIST of states in respect of whose citizens visa-free entry and exit procedures:

1. Australia.
2. Austrian Republic.
3. Republic of Albania.
4. Principality of Andorra.
5. Antigua and Barbuda.
6. Barbados.
7. Kingdom of Bahrain.
8. Kingdom of Belgium.
9. Republic of Bulgaria.
10. Bosnia and Herzegovina.
11. Republic of Vanuatu.
12. Vatican City State.
13. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
14. Hungary.
15. Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
16. Republic of Haiti.
17. Islamic Republic of the Gambia.
18. Federal Republic of Germany.
19. Republic of Honduras.
20. Hong Kong (Hong Kong) - Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.*
21. Hellenic Republic.
22. Kingdom of Denmark.
23. Commonwealth of Dominica.
24. Republic of India.
25. Republic of Indonesia.
26. Ireland.
27. Republic of Iceland.
28. The Kingdom of Spain.
29. Italian Republic.
30. Canada.
31. Republic of Cyprus.
32. People's Republic of China.
33. The Republic of Korea.
34. State of Kuwait.
35. Latvian republic.
36. Lebanese Republic.
37. Republic of Lithuania.
38. Principality of Liechtenstein.
39. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
40. Republic of Macedonia.
41. Malaysia.
42. Republic of Malta.
43. Order of Malta.*
44. Mexican united states.
45. Federated States of Micronesia.
46. Principality of Monaco.
47. Republic of Namibia.
48. Kingdom of the Netherlands.
49. Republic of Nicaragua.
50. New Zealand.
51. Kingdom of Norway.
52. Sultanate of Oman.
53. Republic of Panama.
54. Republic of Peru.
55. The Republic of Poland.
56. Portuguese Republic.
57. Romania.
58. Independent State of Samoa.
59. Republic of San Marino.
60. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
61. Republic of Seychelles.
62. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
63. Republic of Singapore.
64. Slovak Republic.
65. Republic of Slovenia.
66. United States of America.
67. Eastern Republic of Uruguay.
68. Republic of Finland.
69. French Republic.
70. Republic of Croatia.
71. Czech Republic.
72. Republic of Chile.
73. Swiss Confederation.
74. Kingdom of Sweden.
75. Republic of El Salvador.
76. The Republic of Estonia.
77. Japan.


Additional information can be obtained from the organizers of the Friendship Marathon and on the website:



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