The registration for participation in the IX International Friendship Marathon “Grodno - Druskininkai” has started!

Dear Friends! The Organizing Committee of the International Friendship Marathon informs you about the beginning of registration for participation in the IX Transboundary marathon "Grodno - Druskininkai 2019," the only on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Lithuania.

Do not miss your chance to become a member of this unique project, to plunge into a festive, memorable and sporting atmosphere, to add your name in the sporting history of the two countries and set your personal record. We remind you that the track of the marathon is measured and certified by the International Federation of Athletics.

IX International Marathon of Friendship is carried at July 14, 2019 (Sunday), start will be carried at 8 a.m. of local time at Grodno (Belarus),  finish in Druskininkai (Lithuania ). Registration of participants will be on the 13th of July , 2019 (Saturday ) from 12.00 to 20.00 hours local time in Grodno city (Belarus,) Kommunalnaya Street, 3a, main entrance of the public institution “Olympic Reserve Center on Hockey” (Ice Palace).

Druskininkai - it's an all-Union health resort in the past, and now - it is a modern, unique and the largest resort in Lithuania. Cozy little town, surrounded by the blue ribbon of the Neman River and set in lush pine forests. He will surely surprise and conquer you with its scenery.

Grodno - one of the oldest cities of our country, which has the historical value and which can be called an open air museum. Its history is very interesting. This is reflected in the architecture of the city, center looks very "European."

Certainly, it is difficult to tell all about these amazing cities in a few words. Is it necessary? Better to see everything with your own eyes...The marathon organizers wish you good luck with our project!



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  • Maristika
  • Sanatorija Belorus
  • Vandens Parkas
  • Mineralinis vanduo Akvilė
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