All, who overcomes the distance on time, will be given commemorative medals.

Competitions take place in individual events and team championship. Marathon winners are determined by the best set time. Participants, who take 1-6 places in the absolute superiority of men of women (separately), will be awarded diplomas and monetary prizes:

Position         Men                Women

1                   500 USD         500 USD

2                   400 USD         400 USD

3                   300 USD         300 USD

4                  150 USD         150 USD

5                  100 USD         100 USD

6                   50 USD         50 USD

Participants who took 1-3 places in the age groups will be awarded prizes and certificates. Participants, who are awarded in the absolute superiority (1-6 place), in the age groups will not be awarded.

Additionally special prizes may be established by organizing committee. The organizing committee determines the number of awarded participants.

In the team championship winner is determined by the sum of the results of the top three team members ( two men results and one the best result among women) . Team is not limited. Teams who took 1-2-3 place in the team competition will be awarded cups.

Club team, which was presented to the most numerous composition ( the number of participants who finished ) will be awarded a Cup in the category “The most numerous team ."

Awarding of marathon winner starts at 13.00 a.m. (awarding in the absolute priority) and will continue until 16.00 (local time).



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