The traditional VII International Friendship Marathon "Grodno-Druskininkai 2017" started early in the morning of July 9from the city of Grodno and finished in Druskininkai. Participants of the marathon have overcome 42 kilometers 195 meters of picturesque highway with crossing of the state border between Belarus and Lithuania.

In 2017, the geography of countries-participants of the marathon expanded: representatives of 15 countries took part in the competition (Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Armenia). The Friendship Marathon is one of the unique in Europe. It doesn’t have many runners, but it’s very warm and cosy, so you can name it even family marathon, because many participants start every year.

144 runners started and 141 of them reached the finish line in 2017, it’s more than previous year (108 people started in 2016).

Three athletes immediately broke away from the main group after the marathon had started and struggled for victory during the race.The main  competition unleashed between last year's winner of the "Friendship" marathon Sergei Ukrainets from Rivne (Ukraine), Alexander Koshur from Baranovichi (Belarus) and Yuri Kapterov from Mogilev (Belarus).Yuri Kapterovwas first who crossed the finish line with a result of 2 hours 28 minutes and 50 seconds. (The track record 2.27.45 was established by Nikolai Anoshko, in 2011 at the first marathon). Alexander Koshurtooksecond place-2.33.46, the third place was taken by Sergey Ukrainets-2.38.24.

Among women, Elena Shumikfrom Brest (Belarus) won with a result of 3.07.26. The second place wastaken byInessaSalkiewich from Novopolotsk (Belarus) -3.08.19, Natalia Malinovskaya from Minsk (Belarus) crossed the finish line with third result -3.18.26.

The Marathon Organizing Committee thanks all participants for the will to win, for the friendship that unites us all and invites you to meet at the VIII International Friendship Marathon "Druskininkai-Grodno 2018".



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