VI Marathon of Friendship "Druskininkai-Grodno" 2016

108 participants from Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, the UK, Germany and other countries have taken in this year, our marathon. The classic marathon distance of 42 kilometers of 195 meter athletes ran from the center of Druskininkay (Lithuania) finishing in the "Neman" stadium in Grodno (Belarus).

At the opening ceremony with wishes of a successful start to the participants of the marathon approached the deputy mayor of Druskininkay Linas Urmanavicius. He said: "The International Marathon of Friendship" Grodno - Druskininkay "is important because it brings together actively our cities. It's wounderful, that this unique sporting event is very popular throug professioanl athletes and runners.  Sport - it's health, which is particularly important for the city - resort Druskininkay. Our marathon is acquiring mor popularity with each passing year, opens the borders between our states, contributes to the relationship between our countries.

The results of the marathon in the absolute superiority of men

Sergey Ukrainec (Ukraine) 2:30.21

Yuri Kapterev (Belarus, Mogilev) 2:37.06

Gennady Zhavronok (Belarus, Berezino) 2:37.24

Igor Teteryukov (Belarus, Grodno) 2: 37.54

Vasil Lyaleko (Belarus, Minsk) 2:42.21

Alexei Chemodanov (Belarus, Grodno) 2:49.54

The results of the marathon in absolute championship among women

Christina Rulkevich (Belarus, Minsk) 2:57.20

Elena Shumik (Belarus, Brest) 3:10.28

Natalya Malinovskaya (Belarus, Minsk) 3:13.38

Svetlana Linkovets (Belarus, Grodno) 3:23.27

Natalia Andreichik (Belarus, Grodno) 3:28.28

Giedre Kubilyute (Lithuania) 3:46.10.


Results in the age categories of men:

Egidyus Yuzonis (Lithuania, 18-39 years old) 2: 50.40

Jan Bury (United Kingdom, 40-50) 2: 57.27

Yuri Solodkiy (Belarus, Minsk, 50-60 years) 3: 00.47

Rimantas Ramanauskas (Lithuania, 60-70 years) 3: 38.58

We would like to note the result of the oldest marathon runner Petr Silkin from Lithuania, who finished at 50 position, with time 3:58.56

Results in the age categories of women:

Olga Radchenko (Belarus, Mozyr, 18-39 years) 4: 08.48

Natalia Morozova (Belarus, Grodno, 40-50) 4: 16.25

Marina Vnukovo (Moscow, Russia, 50-60 years) 4: 05.02

Classification of the runners clubs:

1. Victoria (total time of 8: 33.24)

2. Grodnooblsport (the amount of time 9: 08.06)

3. (the amount of time 11: 09.56)

4. Zvezda (total time 12: 43,24).

For preparation and  organization of the  event souvenirs and medals were awarded to the representatives of border and customs committees of the Republic of Belarus, the traffic police authorities, deputy chairman of the Grodno oblast executive committee Viktor Liskovich, director of the club "Sportbalt" Vytautas Luchinskas, Head of the Department of Sports and Tourism of the Grodno region, Oleg Andreichik. Marathon Organizing Committee thanks all the participants and organizers of our path. Welcome to the "Marathon of Friendship" in 2017!



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